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Super Sprint is a racing video game released by Atari Games in 1986. Up to three players drive Formula One-like cars on a circuit that is viewed from above. The game is a successor to Gran Trak 10 and the Sprint series, which were black-and-white games from the 1970s. A sequel, Championship Sprint, was released later in the same year.

An angry buyer said "MIDWAY should be ashamed of Super Sprint! The creators of these games have been insulted! The front of the box shows what the game looked like in Arcades. The back of the box, shows the sad let down that is the GBA version! Now if that isn't deceptive advertising, I don't know what is! Please, why did they even bother, there's no reason to even talk about the gameplay when there is no theme song!

For people new to the Super Sprint game, it won't even come close to grasping them, and to fans of the game it is a complete insult, do they think we have forgotten after all of these years?"


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